Το CaniCross is an impressive off-road running sport that has gained the attention of more and more people the few past years. A man and a dog are running a race as a team and this offers an exciting outdoors experience. CaniCross evolved from skijoring, when a man followed his dog on his skis. Man leads and directs his dog with voice commands in an impressive race to win the prize. CaniCross is not just a method to match with your favorite dog, but also it works in a positive way to its mind, allowing it to be used, in every practice as well as in every activity with absolute success.

The kilometer distances that athletes have to run with their dogs are not more than 21km. These races vary depending to the level of difficulty and are categorized as : Simple, Cross country and Extreme. To take someone part with his dog partner is not difficult. However, there are certain specific requirements based on international standards.

The early stages

The best of all at Canicross is that you do not have to be an experienced runner to enjoy the sport.
It is suitable for people and dogs of all ages and abilities.
We advise that your dog is fully grown (at least 12 months) as legs are not yet shaped and excessive stress can lead to complications later in its life..


As long as your dog is fit, healthy and its age is appropriate, then it is permitted to run. You can really take part with any dog and at any race that suits you and your possibilities. Always consult your veterinarian when you are confident that you are ready for action at CaniCross Greece.
Dogs can race after they reach the age of 12 months. You can also start some light workout with your dog a few months before race to train properly and practice the commands. Be always careful in training with your dog when their joints and bones are still formed. Pay attention to your equipment. This will help you and your dog get better results.

Learn about CaniCross Greece

CaniCross Greece is the best opportunity for you and your dog. It gives you the possibility and the chance to exercise with your dog. Any breed of dog, large, medium or small size can compete to canicross. All dogs love to run next to the runner and be in their natural environment. Give yourself and your dog a chance for a special experience.


Preparation and training...

The dog loves to run with you. This is also the key way. Run along with your dog. Try to pass each other. Not too long… 10-15 "minutes is enough. It is a good idea to use dog body harness, leash waist and bungee lead (shock absorber).


What you need to know for races...

What you need to know before the race...

You can take part with any breed of dog and in any race that suits you and your possibilities. Before you prepare and participate to races, you need to know the requirements of each race and its difficulties. Also, you should consider the prohibitive provisions, the physical condition of your dog, the category which you will contest, the supporting means of each race and the terms of a possible cancellation.


Environmental action ...

Social responsibility for the protection of fauna.

CaniGross Greece, in cooperation with organizations that create a social project for a good purpose, offers its web site to promote these actions. Reinforcing and developing voluntary programs for a good purpose is a major goal. Looking at this direction CaniCross Greece, started cooperation with LALITSA AMKE, making an interesting promotional campaign focused on fauna.



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