"Dog: A companion in life, in running and in protecting fauna"


Protect the wild animals. Give life to the fauna.


Lalitsa Amke and CaniCross Greece join their strengths for a good reason

A nonprofit company. A group of people who have decided to apply good practices in areas such as the environment, culture and education. "Lalitsa" contributes for a good purpose , connects responsible citizens of the world with local groups of people and shares its positive impact.
So, together in this journey , we find resources, means and solutions with simple and effective actions. Every action is a unique experience with main focus the human, the value of free will, education and creativity.

Walking in nature or running with our dog can contribute to a great purpose. Lalitsa AMKE is taking the initiative to accomplish a great project. It gives life to the wildlife of our country. It plans to buy and train a dog that will find poisoned baits in the natural environment, in the greater area of Olympus, Thessaly and Macedonia. You can also participate in this great action. You can contribute the amount you want. The amount that will be raised, Lalitsa and its Sponsoring Companies participating in the program, will double it in order to buy the dog for a good purpose.

The main purpose is to protect species threatened with extinction by poisoned baits. It is also an extremely harmful practice for the environment and the preservation of biodiversity and poses a serious threat to public health as it can endanger the lives of local residents and visitors.

Especially with regard to wildlife and birds of prey, the illegal use and dispersal of poisoned baits in nature is one of the main threats to their survival in Greece. A typical example of this is the extinction of the population of Asproparis in Greece, a common species of vulture in the country.untry.