What you need to know before the race.

• The dog participating should be purebred or crossbreed
• You should have your dog's Health Booklet with your Microchip number and your recent mandatory vaccinations. You will be asked to the Secretariat and without this you will not be able take a part in races
• It would be good 3-4 days before the race, to consult the veterinarian.
• The dog's age is greater than 12 months.
• Dogs aged over 2 years can contest at any distance race
• If there is a female in an oestrus, it can race from a separate start point .
• Throughout race (before, during and after) the dog will be leased and will be in full responsibility of its owner..
• It would be better for you to use a leash waist with a shock absorber up to 2m

What is prohibited

• Flexi leashes are not allowed.
• Choke collar is not allowed.
• Electrical collars are not allowed
• Halties are not allowed.
• Leashes longer than 2m are not allowed.
• Participation for people under 12 years is prohibited.
• Participation of female dogs that are pregnant or breastfeed is not allowed.
• Dogs showing aggression towards humans or other dogs may not participate.


General categories are related to the athlete's gender and age. So there are the categories:
(J) Juniors. Mixed category Men + Women) aged 12-18.
(M) Male. Men aged 19-39 years.
(F) Female. Women aged 19-39 years.
(MM) Masters Male. Men aged 40-49 years
(MF) Masters Female. Women aged 40-49 years.
(VM) Veteran Male. Men aged 50 years and over.
(VF) Veteran Female. Women aged 50 years and over.

In some cases of racing, categories can be defined depending on the weight of the dog. So there can be accusations:
• (S) Small weighing less than 10 kg
• (Μ) Μedium, weighing 10-25 kg
• (L) Large weighing more than 25 kg

• Competitors must have completed the 12th year the day of the race
• Competitors under the age of 14 are not eligible to enter a race longer than 5km and they must be accompanied by an adult
• Competitors under the age of 17 are not eligible to enter a race longer than 8km.
• Competitors under the age of 18 are not eligible to enter a race longer than 21km. *
• Competitors running in a race over 16km must have successfully completed a race of at least 10km with the same dog, at least 6 months before the race. *
* These races are not yet organized by CaniCross Greece


CaniCross Greece prior to each race inspects the area and respects fully the ecological requirements. It creates ideal marking for keeping track of the route and for direct - accurate information for competitors. It supervises and investigates any external effects on dogs such as thrown food or trash. Also, checks the correct race temperature 30 minutes before the race. The temperature for a race must be less than <25 ° C degrees Celsius.

In each race, the organizing committee is consisted of experienced and trusted people. CaniCross Greece offers its support with full human technical staff as well as material to be used. Also, necessary veterinary support, dog trainer, staff to provide first aid, equipment to deal with potential problems and support material such as water and blankets.

A race is canceled when...

• Temperature exceeds >25°C degrees Celsius.
• Competitors are less than 10.
• There are prohibitive weather conditions (heavy rain, hail, heavy snow, intense cold).
• A dog outbreak is reported.
• Canicross organisers reserve the right to cancel race for other reason.